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Fashion is incredibly influential when it comes to self-expression and identity. Our goal is to elevate the talented, abundant but often under-the-radar voices that better reflect and represent you.

We believe that consumers can wear the clothes they want and don’t have to sacrifice their values to get them. 

To be featured on the Majority Group brands have to be style-driven, responsibly run and have diverse founding team.

These are the brands pushing fashion forward to rethink representation, consumerism and status quo. Consumers, you are the wallet power that validates and normalizes their efforts.

Lola Catero and Jinjin Sun on Majoritee

By Lola Catero


To be part of the Majority, brands need: 

Style: If it isn’t slick, it’s not for us. 

Diversity: Only 14% of major brands are run by women. The numbers are even more significant for people of color, LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities.

Responsibility: We own 60% more clothing and wear it for half as long compared to a decade ago–resulting in harmful effects of overconsumption. We’re focused on brands that have a sustainability initiative, support the wellbeing of everyone that contributes to their brand and/or cultivate community in ways that elevate and honor culture.

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