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High-school trendsetter, FIT graduate and wellness junkie, Sabrina Zohar had a career in fashion, but wasn’t a creator herself. After her mom faced a near-death experience, Sabrina reflected on the impact she wanted to create in the world. 

That’s when she founded Softwear. In December 2017, Sabrina realized there weren’t any buttery-soft, sustainably made, classic but modern clothes under $100. Believing it could be done, she got to work on designing patterns, evaluating manufacturers and vetting factory partners. 

From pullovers to tanks, Softwear now offers a collection of leisurewear styles that go from soft to softer, and represent the circular principles we are here for.

After getting our hands on and head through her famous cloudweave hoodie, we had to know more about this magical mystery buttery bundle. Check out our chat with Sabrina below and hear her thought-to-thread story.

See more of Softwear’s collection here.

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